The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the most fabulous desert country I have ever ridden. I thought Namib was the perfect riding spot for a dirt fun, but Jordan is much better. There are very few people, great sceneries, good roads, the most wide range of ancient ruins and unsealed paths every where. The desert changes continuously, some times is flat and sandy, some times is hilly and stoned. It never tires. Even the weather is better than expected. I was ready for 50 degrees but the wind is cool and I have to wear my jacket. People are friendly but do not bother you. Perhaps too much used to deal with tourist, but there is still real hospitality. The only problem is the price. Jordan is not cheap. The local Dinar worth more than euro or dollar. The cleverest and most educated people in Arab Region do not have petrol but make the money flow into their pockets.

And Petra, of course. There are many Romans temples, Arab Castles and Crusades fortress, but the gold medal is for the Nabatean Capital. Is not near. I had to ride to the very south, close to the Red Sea, to go into Petra. There were also herds of tourists living their Middle East Adventure in Buses with Air Conditioner. Perhaps more beautiful is the coming back to Amman beside the Dead Sea, with the Holy Land in the other shore. Maybe tomorrow be there. Maybe tomorrow Jerusalem.

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