Dear friends.

I am a long distance pilgrim. I left Istambul heading South Turkey and visited the holy and beautiful mountains of Cappadocia. And also drinking its wine. I have been here the old Christians dug churches underground and in caves to life their faith while on the surface the hardest prosecution was ruling on. It is amazing to ride those fantastic landscapes while feeling the sharpness of that terrible History made stones. But I also left the sweetness of Cappadocia. Now I am in the hot of Tarsus, about to go into Syria in two days. Tarsus is famous because it is the St Paul´s Birthplace. He was a roman citizen, prosecutors of Christians till saw the light and fall down from his horse when heading Damascus, the same place I am gonna visit you. He lost his head for that fact (the Romans cut it down) and I hope you do not think I lost mine.

Anyway, the last days have been great. After the hard and solo riding in Central Asia, here is the pleasure of being a biker. I met again Sam and Sylvan in Istambul. We got a cheap room in Hotel Saydam, in the animated neighbourhood of Taksim, western side with a lot of pubs, cafes and restaurants. It is a free place where anyone can do their staff. There you can see women walking alone, smoking and drinking. It is not really normal in the rest part of Turkey. I went to the BMW dealership in Istambul to do the whole service and it is also a social club. If you stay there for a while, you will meet bike travellers from everywhere. I met an Aussie, Pascal, riding from India and a Dutch guy, Auke, looking for off road trips in Turkey. He joined us.

One dutch, one Spaniard, two Frernchs and one Turkish (the restaurant´s owner) had a very good night in a Taksim terrace drinking Russian vodka bought in Kazakhstan. Very international team. Then Auke and I decided going together to ride Cappadocia. It was fun to have a mate for jumping on the gravel roads. Yesterday we split because each has his own mission. Maybe meeting again anywhere. The road is full of crazy and good people.

Keep safe. I will try my best.

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