After the chaos in the Syrian border I reached Lebanon. The dirtiest roads I´ve even seen. The worst drives I ´ve ever suffered. But the most beautiful beaches. Beirut. So rare city. The smell of the war is still here. Everything looks normal, animated, but when I saw people in their fifties I know they were living under the shells. There are a lot of chek points on the road. And they are real chek points with armed soldiers and tanks and all the military staff.

But the city is like a big party: money, shops, luxury, beaches, Ferraris and mini skirts. So weird scenery after the hard Arab way in Syria with lots of women under the black veil. In Syria I visited an old Crusade Fortres, Crak of the Knights, on the top of a mountain and some Christians towns. I prayed in the Monastery of Saint George, an Ortodox church from the V century. There a mature couple saw the Little Fat and asked me about my trips. They were Christians. The woman could speak to me freely and had her own opinion. Islam is a good religion and a better way of feeling and acting. Most of the Muslim I met from Uzbekistan to Lebanon were really good people, much better than the ones who live in Western World, but women do not exist at all. It should change. They are the half of the Humanity and they have the right to say and decide the half.

Anyway, Marc and I split this morning. We ´ll met in Jerusalem in few days. We were talking at night about live (something very usual among travellers, especial people) and when he asked me if I miss home I said my home is now me and my plugs. I travel with very little luggage. 10 kg is what I need because the most heavy staff you can see on the bike are tools and camping equipment. But I have few important devices to charge everyday: laptop, mobil phone, Ipod and camera. And few important routines to keep: filling my termo at night with hot water, running in the morning for 30 minutes, drink some beers at night while writing these mails and find a socket for my plugs. If I find the socket and keep my routines, I will feel comfortable even in the hardest desert, I will feel at home. Everything else change but not me and my plugs. They are my circumstances. I know know the less you need, the richer you are. After these 15 months travelling I feel the most rich on Earth just with a socket, few beers, petrol and a place to sleep.

Keep better today than yesterday.

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