तातू आर्ट


I arrived Istambul from the Asian Side. After a really hard trip in the Stans, eating dust and drinking sand, the old city, capital of the modern Turkey, seems to be a real paradise. There are too much history and too many people. Istambul ones do not bother you and every one can do their own bussiness. They say 16 millons souls are living here. The urban area is huge but the ancient town is pretty small. I went to the Bosphorus and now I am in the boheme heart: Taksim. I got the Syrian visa and I am ready to do the trip to the Holy Land. But before heading South I wanted to do the last silly thing. I got a tatoo in Instambul made by Semra. I want to keep forever those motorcycles trips around the World. Life is too short and the road to nowhere too long. I wanna go there. Does not it look nice?

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Andrew dijo...

Your tatoo very cool!!! :) We was enchanted!!!

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